"Making a name for herself at comedy clubs in the city as well as at colleges and universities, where she combines comedy and teaching."  

               The Advocate

"What I really liked is the honesty and vulnerability she brought to her act, the willingness to put herself out there and laugh with the audience."

Jessica Sumney UNC-Wilmington Pride

A  l  i  s  o  n     G  r  i  l  l o

At Colleges Throughout U.S.

Representation: Gotham Artists, New York City.  Ben Anshutz, agent (ben@gotham-artists.com), 646-873-6658.

"She was interactive, and very funny.  She made fun of herself in a good way. She said some suprising things. We were like,'Did she SAY that?' Yes, and it was funny!"

Kutztown University Allies


At Broadway Comedy Club, NYC


Direct Contact: alisongrillocomic@gmail.com (347) 602-3571


N e w   Y o r k   C i t y ' s   W o m a n   T r a p p e d   I n s i d e  a  W o m a n ' s  B o d y !